Lots Under 50 Acres: $250 per year

Lots from 50 to 99 Acres: $281 per year

Lots Over 100 Acres: $312 per year

  • Rates have been in effect since 2015

  • Payments are always due Jan 1st and are late after Feb 1st

  • If your billing hasn't arrived by Jan 1st, contact the our Management Company (CLICK HERE) to avoid a possible late fee. If your changed mailing address has changed in the past 2-years, please contact the Board with your new address (CLICK HERE).  If we don't have your current address, your billing may have gone to the wrong place (see the note below).

HAS YOUR ADDRESS or PO BOX NUMBER CHANGED DURING the PAST 2-YEARS?  Did you remember to notify us?  Please note that in fairness to everyone, late fees are not waived if you receive your bill late or not at all because we weren't notified of a change of address and unknowingly sent the bill to an old address.  Here's what typically happens when we're not notified: During the first year after a move/change you'll likely have your mail forwarded by USPS, thus you'll get your bill and pay it on time as usual, giving us no cause for concern. So, naturally, we send your bill to the same address again the following year, but by then your forwarding service has probably expired, so the bill gets delivered to your old address whose current owner trashes it thinking it was a random 2-year-old mistake, and neither of us knows what happened:  We don't know that you moved and didn't get the bill and you may think none was sent.  Please remember that it's everyone's responsibility to pay their assessments on-time whether they get a bill or not, as is the case with virtually all creditors, although admittedly most of us tend to wait for a bill to come.  Our bills are sent only once a year and are always due January 1st as noted above, so we urge you to contact us if you haven't gotten your bill by then.  Thank you for understanding and for being a good neighbor.

Contact our Management Company for Account Balance or Issues: Click Here

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