Community BBQ/Pot-Lucks and Events

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Grilled Steaks & Hot Dogs                     Lots of Other Fixens                             and Lots of Socializing

First Community BBQ Event in the New Ramada, October 2010 (nearly 200 attended)

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Fun Activities for the Kids                       Horshoe Contest Winners

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More of October 2010                                      Karaoke After the May 2011 BBQ

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120527 Picnic at Arena 1240.JPG
120527 Picnic Face Painting 1240.JPG

Horsehoe Arena Fencing was Finished      The Kids Loved our Local Face Painter

Oct 2011 BBQ: Kids Entertained                                          May 2012 BBQ Event

The Good Old Days Above are Gone (at least for now)

Unfortunately, attendance at the two annual BBQ/Pot-Lucks that the Board facilitated and provided POA sponsorship for during most of the years between 2010 and 2019, steadily dwindled.  Attendance at the May 2018 BBQ was only about 25, down to about 15 in Sep 2018, and was less than 10 in May 2019.  Apparently, weekend visitors, who used to comprise the majority of attendees at the pot-lucks, have lost interest, preferring instead to spend their limited time up there with their family on their own property.  This is understandable. Local full-time residents apparently prefer to have their own pot-lucks, which they've done on several occasions.  Dissension over community-park policies in the 2016 - 2017 time-frame (e.g., smoking) resulted in several regular BBQ/Pot-Luck attendees spinning-off and organizing their own simultaneous events at a private residence on the Ranch.  For these reasons, along with the logistical and financial burdens of these events on the Board and the POA, and after nearly no attendance in May 2019, the Board decided that facilitating community pot-luck picnics and BBQs should no longer be an official Board/POA responsibility, instead leaving such events to motivated property owners to organize if/when there's enough interest to do so.  We only ask and encourage that such an event, which is customarily community-wide in most Associations, be open to all Members (visiting Owners as well as full-time residents), and that the Board be notified in-advance for posting on the website, otherwise the majority of our Owners will have no way of knowing about the event and won't feel welcome.  Please also see FAQ #14.  Thanks.  Times and people change, and all we can do is accept it. Here's wishing the best for however our community prefers to use the reources we've .