Community BBQ/Pot-Lucks and Events

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Grilled Steaks & Hot Dogs                     Lots of Other Fixens                             and Lots of Socializing

First Community BBQ Event in the New Ramada, October 2010 (nearly 200 attended)

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Fun Activities for the Kids                       Horshoe Contest Winners

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More of October 2010                                      Karaoke After the May 2011 BBQ

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Horsehoe Arena Fencing was Finished      The Kids Loved our Local Face Painter

Oct 2011 BBQ: Kids Entertained                                          May 2012 BBQ Event

Times Change and So Have our BBQ/Potlucks

Attendance steadily dwindled at the annual Memorial and Labor Day weekend BBQ/pot-Lucks that the Board organized and subsidized for many years, dropping from 200 in Oct 2010 to less than 10 in May 2019.  Apparently, weekend visitors, who used to comprise the majority of attendees at these events, have lost interest, preferring instead to spend their limited time up there with their family on their own property.  This is understandable. There was also a problem with the use of illegal substances by a few during the picnics in the 2016-2017 time frame, resulting in controversies over Ramada policies, causing many of the regular attendees to split-off and have their own similar events at a private location (most have never returned).  We've also lost Delaine Brooks who used to organize awesome activities for the kids.  These last two factors most likely discouraged families from attending the events, but this may change some day.  In response to numerous requests by "locals" at the Ranch to have some of our Board meetings up there, we also conducted a Board meeting prior to each of the two events, and also added an interactive Town Hall for the convenience of those that couldn't make it to the Valley for the Annual meeting.  Having the meetings concurrent with the events saved extra trips, but they sometimes delayed the start of the event and hot potluck dishes got cold, which may have also deterred some from coming.   The final  blow was when a few of our friends in the Ranch area, who had been regular attendees, decided to boycott all POA-sponsored picnics and meetings at the Ranch.  They said they did this to "boycott the Board", but we had no idea what they thought we had done wrong, or why/how they thought a boycott would fix it.  The Board/POA used to subsidize these events by providing the BBQ meats, beverages, ice, condiments, charcoal, utensils/paperware, etc.  We always made sure to buy plenty of food/supplies since we never knew how many might show-up, so when nearly no-one came, a lot of perishables were wasted.  After several attempts, this left us no choice but to end Association sponsorship and stop wasting POA money, and our time, unless/until something changes.  Our reluctant decision wasn't intended to stop, or discourage, these traditional, all-community events, but rather to relegate their planning/facilitation to other volunteer property owners that are willing to do it and are likely to be better at it. 


We do ask anyone organizing such an "all-community" event to please notify the Board in-advance for posting on our website to make all members of our community aware of it and to know that they're invited/welcome.  This would also avoid a possible schedule conflict.  Our community is made-up of 737 property owners, 681 of whom (92%) reside outside of Navajo County. Some visit the Ranch often, and others not so often.  In light of this unique situation, our website is the only means we have of making such information readily available to everyone, which is why we maintain it.  An event may be intended to be open to all Owners, but people can't attend if they don't know about it.  Few of the less-active Owners will likely attend, but they deserve to be given a choice. A local posting, only at the Ranch, invites/welcomes only those that reside there, or the select few that happen to visit and happen to see the posting while it's up, thus making it a selective/private event.  Private events are allowed, but we discourage them for picnics/potlucks that, traditionally, are community-wide in most all Associations.  Thanks for being caring members of what should be one big happy and united family. Also see #14 of the Frequency Asked Questions in the Members Area Menu or click here

A WIN-WIN for everyone would be for Organizers and the Board to work together.  We would certainly consider subsidies again for a BBQ/Potluck truly intended for the entire community.  Losing the "boycott", working together on fun activities and promotion, along with financial help we could justify providing for an all-POA* activity, might get this great event back to where it once was when we were a more unified, fun community. Food for thought (pardon the play on words).

*FWIW, the "community" and the "POA" are one and the same.  We're legally required to be registered as an Association (a POA), which, via our CC&Rs, is what defines us as a community, and it's what assures us the provision of amenities and services we need and enjoy at an affordable price by making all Owners automatic members of the POA to share equally in our costs of operation.  i.e., The POA isn't an outside group of "bad-guys"; it's the collection of all property owners combining resources in an organized manner to serve and protect the vested interests we all share.  All Owners are members of our community, regardless of where they reside, or how often they visit the Ranch, and all deserve equitable consideration.