Community BBQ/Picnics & Potlucks

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Grilled Steaks & Hot Dogs                     Lots of Other Fixens                             and Lots of Socializing

First POA BBQ/Picnic & Potluck in our New Ramada, October 2010 (nearly 200 attended)

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Fun Activities for the Kids                       Horshoe Contest Winners

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More of October 2010                                             Karaoke in May 2011

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120527 Picnic at Arena 1240.JPG
120527 Picnic Face Painting 1240.JPG

Horsehoe Arena Fencing was Finished      The Kids Loved our Local Face Painter

Oct 2011: Kids Entertained                                                   May 2012

Times Change & So Have our BBQ/Potlucks

The Board/POA facilitated and sponsored this event twice yearly between 2010 & 2019: One on Memorial Day weekend and the other on Labor Day weekend. Each included a POA-funded BBQ, combined with a traditional potluck & picnic. The Board/POA furnished 2 or 3 meat choices, barbecued-to-order, beverages, ice, condiments, glasses/plates & other utensils. Attendees needed only to bring a side-dish/desert to share.  A few Ranch-area folks usually volunteered to organize entertainment/games for both the kids and the adults. Unfortunately, lack of attendance during the latter years forced us to discontinue POA-sponsorship, relegating facilitation of these kinds of events to property owners at-large (see FAQ #14). For more historical details about this, CLICK HERE


We would gladly consider POA-sponsorship again, especially if we could team with our Ranch-area friends. 

It was admittedly a mistake for us not to promote much more involvement by Ranch-area folks than we did.  We thought we were sparing them the extra work, but that may have been misinterpreted as purposely leaving them out.  We apologize.  There's nothing we'd like more than to work together to make this a fun opportunity (the only opportunity for many), to meet our fellow property owners, unifying our community into one harmonious family of friends/neighbors, which is hopefully what we all want.  Food for thought (pardon the pun). If you want, and would attend such an event, please so indicate with a post on the Message Board (CLICK HERE), or send us a private email (CLICK HERE).