CONTACT the Management Company (MC)

Realtors, Perspective Buyers, and Owners Selling Their Properties

  1. For a lot of information about CCR, please first view and/or download our "About the Ranch Flyer (Click)" flyer from this website before asking our MC for information.  A CCR Roadmap (Click) showing all properties by Lot Number is also available, as are free Classified Ads (Click) posted by property owners.

  2. When selling property, Title Companies, Realtors, or private owners as applicable and/or as required by law, must notify our MC to update ownership records. The MC will then supply a new buyer with a copy of of our CC&Rs and an information package.

Property Owners

  1. Contact the MC for issues with your assessment account/payments. Your POA Board of Directors has no direct access to this information.

  2. For all other administrative issues, please contact the Board.  Thank You.

U.S. Mail:

   Cornerstone Properties, Inc
   P.O. Box 62073
   Phoenix, AZ 85082-2073

Phone: 602-433-0331


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Physical (Office) Address:

   4523 E Broadway Rd

   Phoenix, AZ 85040