Road Conditions Report, 4/28/21
Information Provided by the Roads Crew Chief & the Board (Roads Chair & the Communications Chair)
ROAD PHOTOS below are live feeds from ADOT cameras at the JUNCTION OF SR277 & SR377,

Note: The time shown on the cameras may not be accurate 

This road condition information was reported on the date shown at the top of the page, but weather since that time, especially heavy rain, could have changed the situation. Flooding after a heavy rain can occur in any number of places along our 125 miles of roadways at CCR, despite the many flood-control measures we've put in place. With so many miles of roads, it takes time to identify and report on all hazardous areas, so please be patient with us, check the weather before you leave home, and drive carefully. Our roads are classified by the County as "primitive", as are most other roads in the area, so be advised that you must drive at your own risk. We recommend the use of only full-size, high-road-clearance vehicles (pickups, SUVs, or larger).



Recent Roadwork:  We have been working by the border of Zones 4 and 5 since the beginning of the year (click above to view the Zone-Map). We have completed Arapaho run, Chinook, Andrew’s Dr, Randolph Dr, and Ojibwa is now 99% complete. It was extremely rocky and challenging. It took 60 loads of material to complete it. Any vehicle can comfortably drive 35mph.  Now we are 75% done with Yavapai spot fixing down to Athipascan. Yavapai has also been a challenge but it is turning out great and should be completed by May 7th. Please drive with caution on all roads in the areas where work is going on. We will next be spot-fixing Athipascan and Harden, and will apply some asphalt to Chevelon Canyon Dr to help smooth it out.


Alternate Black Canyon Wash Crossing:  

Currently, Seymour's Crossing on Hutch Rd is the only legal and safe way to cross the Black Canyon Wash, and the Crossing culverts will only handle a moderate amount of flooding.  During heavy flooding, water will flow over the top of the Crossing and may become too deep to safely drive across, separating the east and west sides of the Ranch.  We need an alternative way to cross the wash, for which we planned to begin construction last year, but we were unable to do so since major roads-equipment repairs depleted our budget, so it’s been rolled over to 2021.  We intend to begin this work now around May 10th, but it may take most of the year to complete since regular road maintenance takes priority, so work on the new crossing will be done only if/when the Crew has time. This new crossing will be located about 3.4 mi north of Seymour's Crossing, and about 0.7 mi east, extending NE from the intersection of La Paz Dr and Chicksaw Way to Graham Rd, a portion of which will utilize the existing APS power-line access road. The wash in that area is very wide, so the water is only a few inches deep, even during heavy flooding, and the bottom is solid bedrock, making it safe to drive across. Not only will this provide an alternative to Seymour's Crossing, but it will also provide an alternative route between the NW area and the east area of the Ranch.  The Dark Canyon Dr hill, west of the Crossing, currently provides the only way to do so, to the dismay of hundreds of Owners.  This new crossing will also a dead or the to allow them the option of responding

alleviate those in the NW area having to drive all the way south to Hutch to cross the wash, and then go north again to the Park/Ramada. e.g., The route to/from La Paz/Mesa-View to/from the Park is 3.4 mi less via the new crossing than via Hutch.  We wish we had a way to provide better access to some of those in the SW area, especially in Units 6 & 7, but adjacent private and federal BLM property unfortunately separates that area from the eastern portion of the Ranch.  Our Developer obviously wasn't concerned about this, but we hope that we'll eventually be able to figure-out something, budget permitting, since it could mandate a substantial cost to create new roads, for which could also require considerable legal support.

Hazardous Roads (most traveled):  

  • Dry pasture run: Needs many loads of fill-material brought in, at least on the first half. It’s rocky, but can be traveled by a high clearance 2-wheel drive.

  • Palmer Dr: Needs heavy grading and lots of fill-material brought in. It's rocky and there are a few spots where water crosses, but it can be traveled in dry weather with a high clearance 2-wheel drive.

  • Athapascan: Needs minor fixes in rocky spots and washboard-areas. Should take about 20 loads of fill-material to complete. Okay with a high clearance 2-wheel drive.

  • Graham: Has many bumpy and washboard areas. Beware of flash floods! Okay with high clearance 2-wheel drive in dry weather.

  • Secrist Dr: Rough but well graded east of Gardner. West of Gardner the hill is rocky, and there are a couple of rocky spots after the hill, but the road is okay otherwise. Beware of flooding! Can be traveled in a car or truck in dry weather.

  • Elwood: Has some washboard on east side. Rocky areas begin at Gardner and continue to the west end. A high-clearance 2-wheel drive vehicle is recommended after Gardner.

  • Buck Tank: This road is rough and needs months of attention. Has a mix of rocky-to-low spots and washboard. Please travel all the roads on the west side of the ranch with care since so many are laden with bedrock. High clearance 2-wheel drive in dry weather recommended.

  • Whisper Ridge Rd: This entire road to the west side of the ranch is extremely rocky with many washboard-areas, and muddy low-spots in wet weather, but since the road is predominantly bedrock, a high clearance 2-wheel drive should be okay to travel.


Roads on the west and south sides (towards the 504) should all be driven with caution. There are many roads that are rocky and have sharp rocks protruding from the ground, which can't be graded. All roads are accessible with a high clearance 2-wheel drive, but take it easy!


Grading Schedule by Zones for 2021:

  • Zone 4: 3/20/21 - 5/7/21

  • Zone 5: 5/10/21 - 9/20/21 (apx) Shortcut and surrounding roads.

  • Zone 1: 10/20/21- 4/20/21 road to fr 504.