Road Conditions Report, 7/1/20 (Rev 2)
Information Provided by the Roads Crew Chief & the Board (Roads Chair & the Communications Chair)
ROAD PHOTOS below are live feeds from ADOT cameras at the JUNCTION OF SR277 & SR377,

Note: The time shown on the cameras is not accurate 

This road condition information was reported on the date shown at the top of the page, but weather since that time, especially heavy rain, could have changed the situation. Flooding after a heavy rain can occur in any number of places along our 125 miles of roadways at CCR, despite the many flood-control measures we've put in place. With so many miles of roads, it takes time to identify and report on all hazardous areas, so please be patient with us, check the weather before you leave home, and drive carefully. Our roads are classified by the County as "primitive", as are most other roads in the area, so be advised that you must drive at your own risk. We recommend the use of only full-size, high-road-clearance vehicles (pickups, SUVs, or larger).



Recent Roadwork:  The following roads have been recently graded. Many have been dry-graded in the past to the point that the roadbeds now need repair, which will be done as time and budget permits.

Dark Canyon Dr • Pumpkin Patch Rd • Canyon View Dr • Rim Top Dr • River Run Dr • Pebble Ln

Squaw Tank Vista Dr • Shadow Trail • Gardner Dr • Riley Way • Rush Way • Terrace Dr • Wesley Dr

Elwood Dr • San Jose Dr • Grady Way


Alternate Black Canyon Wash Crossing:  Currently, as most of you know, the only legal roadway across the Black Canyon Wash to get from the east to the west side of the Ranch is through Seymour’s Crossing, about 1.8 miles west of the main entrance off Hutch Road, and then up the dreaded hill at Dark Canyon Drive west of the wash.  The wash is somewhat narrow at Seymour’s Crossing, so the water runs fast, often faster than the culverts can handle it, so water runs over top of the roadway.  During especially heavy runoff/flooding, the water can get too deep to cross, requiring many coming in our main entrance off highway 377 to go all the way back to Heber and try navigating the “504 backway” in order to get to  the west side where the majority of our properties are located (we had to do that in the middle of the night a few years ago and we were unhappy campers).  Even though this doesn’t happen too often, it can be devastating, especially in an emergency.  We need an alternate route across the wash and there’s a unique and ideal area for one a few miles north at lots 590, 594, 599, and 600 where the canyon gets so wide that water flows slowly and is only a few inches deep, even during heavy flooding. Since the bottom is nearly solid bedrock, the wash can be crossed there with most any vehicle. Some that own property in the NW area of the Ranch have already discovered this spot and have been using the APS power-line service road along lots 600 and 599 between Graham Road and Chicksaw Way as a shortcut between Well-1 and Well-2 (it's 3 miles shorter than going further south to Hutch).  Unfortunately, this is trespassing since that route all lies on private property, and the approach to/from Chicksaw across lot 600 is very narrow and hazardous as it runs along the edge of a small cliff.  The Board has directed the Crew Chief to investigate and advise of the cost to grade a legal road in that same area by extending La Paz Drive from Chicksaw to Graham using the roadway easements at the SE ends of lots 595, 594, and 586, or at the NW ends of lots 600 and 599.  We don’t expect this to be very costly, but it's not in this year's budget, so we'll have to wait until next year to do it.  As a legal POA roadway, we’ll be able to show it on the map, maintain it, and keep it safe. This will provide those owning property on the west side a way to get to/from their lots during heavy flooding, and it will allow us to close the Dark Canyon Dr hill to finish the extensive work needed as described below, or anytime extensive work may be required there again.

Dark Canyon Drive Hill: This infamous, very steep hill that we inherited from our Developer, has been much more of a challenge to make right than we thought, and the weather last fall and winter didn't help. As explained in the 2019 newsletter, and in subsequent Road Reports, the roadbed on the “hill” must be rebuilt and it’s far more laden with bedrock than we thought, so it will require explosive demolition (blasting) to do it right. This obviously can’t be done while trying to keep the road open to traffic, so it will have to be closed during most of the work. Since Dark Canyon Dr is currently the only legal route on the Ranch to get between the east and west sides, it can't be closed until the alternate wash crossing noted above is completed, so we've had to temporarily stop work on fixing the hill.  Until the new crossing is opened, we'll have to continue to maintain the hill with "quick-fixes" and expensive short-term fill/toppings as has been done in the past. This hill has plagued property owners and delivery/utility vehicles for years, so it’s long overdue that we fix it right (too bad our Developer didn’t).  We're doing the best we can with so much bedrock in our roadways and with many flood-prone areas, and we have a tight budget that we, the Board, don't want to change if it could cause a fee increase.  Thank you for your understanding and your patience

Next Roads Tagged for Major Work:  Stage 1 of 3 on Secrist Dr is in progress and will be complete in about 4 weeks. The road needs to be raised about 12 inches to deter flooding, which must be done in 3 stages at 4 inches per stage.  Thereafter, our roads equipment will be temporarily moved to our other lot (#199) to work on Ojibwa, Chinook, and the surrounding area.

Other Work In-Progress: Security lighting and cameras are being installed on the Shop and Equipment Lot (#147), which is very important from a liability standpoint and for the protection of our very expensive roads equipment. 

Assessment Delinquencies Have a Big Impact on Roads Maintenance: Road maintenance alone is nearly half of our annual budget and our Secretary/Treasurer advises that, as of March, we had well over 200 delinquent assessment accounts totaling more than $65,000 that could and should have been paid for our 2020 operating budget.  That’s 30% less than the revenue our POA is entitled to if every property owner would simply pay their fair share.  We can't do the job that you and we want to do on the roads, or on anything else, without adequate funding, so we kindly ask everyone to please be a good neighbor and honor the commitment you made to pay our modest annual assessments when you bought your property.  If for no other reason, paying on-time will save you having to pay extra late fees, collection costs, and possibly losing your property to foreclosure.  Our crew reports that they've heard several complaints about the roads this year, many of whom have complained we know to be delinquent.  Someone not paying their fair share is not the way to fix the problem.  Having delinquent assessments means less work can be done, not more!  Also, be reminded that this is the beginning of a new roads program as we explained in detail in the 2019 newsletter and here on our website, and we said it would likely take 4 years to complete since we must limit how much we can do each year to avoid a budget increase, so please be patient.  We on the Board, as well as the roads Crew Chief and most of his crew, are property owners too, and are as anxious as anyone to have good roads, but we know that doing it right takes time, otherwise we'll  have to keep re-doing "quick-fixes" every few months. However, the time it takes now to do it right will save time and money in the future.  Thanks to all of you, our friends and neighbors, for understanding, and we especially thank the vast majority for keeping your accounts current every year.

Post Note: In March our Secretary/Treasurer (Julie) volunteered to launch a collection campaign herself for the less-severe delinquencies rather than employing outside legal support.  Sending delinquent accounts to legal agencies for collection is the normal course of action for an Association, so she had every right to avoid all the extra work by simply sending the accounts to an attorney and adding the corresponding legal fees to each respective account balance. However, Julie didn't want to impose that additional financial burden on our fellow property owners unless all else failed, so she did the work herself.  As a result, more than $40,000 had been received on these accounts by the end of May. Many thanks to her and to those of you that so amiably responded to her letter and did the right thing.  We do care about our property owners as much as we care about the Ranch; we're not the bad guys J.  


Grading Schedules, Conditions of Key Roadways, and Hazardous Road Area Information is not currently available due to our work backlog, shortage of personnel, and uncertainties in the weather.   Routine grading is currently in-progress in many areas with priority being given to the most heavily-traveled roads and those in the worst condition.   Our facilities work on lot 147 is in progress and will soon be completed, after which we'll have a better assessment of all the roads as we grade and do inspections, so we hope to be able to report hazardous areas and schedule routine gradings in the near future.  Thanks again for your understanding and your patience.