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  1. A SHORT OVERVIEW: The Ranch occupies 32,000 acres in an off-grid, natural wilderness-area, well away from traffic, polluted air,  and city hub-bubs.  It is subdivided into 853 Parcels varying in size from 5 to 194 acres with 125 miles of internal roads providing vehicle access to every Parcel, which we maintain.  Two automated, gas-powered wells are located onsite to provide free water to all resident and visiting CCR property owners. Each well-site also has a trash dumpster to eliminate the expense of each owner having to haul their trash to town.  To fund and assure the continued provision of these vital necessities, and to preserve the natural character and intended use of the properties, we are registered as a Planned Community and thus employ a Property Owner's Association (POA) with a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  However, our CC&Rs aren't very restrictive, rather focusing mostly on limiting property use to private residences and non-commercial hobby ranching, including the raising of horses and other livestock for personal use.  No commercial development is allowed.

  2. RANCH is MANAGED by the PROPERTY OWNERS:  Our Developer relinquished his Declarancy in 2005, handing-off Association management to our Board of Directors who consist of, and are elected by fellow property owners.


  4. A ROAD MAP locating all of our Parcels by number may be viewed and/or downloaded by Clicking Here 

  5. FREE CLASSIFIED ADS posted by our property owners may be viewed by Clicking Here

  6. TO BUY, contact a Realtor or respond to a "For Sale By Owner" ad in the free classifieds. Since our Developer is gone, there is no longer a centralized sales office/activity, thus  all properties must be purchased individually from their respective owners.

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